Ali B Entertainment
...Effortlessly funny. Try me!!

About Ali B Entertainment

Ali B Entertainment is the first of its kind in ancient city of Kano. Conceptualized by Ali Bassey – Founder & Director, who has an experience of hosting prime time shows for over 7 years in different FM Radio Stations of Kano city. Hungry for live entertainment in Kano – he came up with the idea of Ali B Entertainment.

CEO Ali B Entertainment
Ali Bassey - Founder Ali B Entertainment

Ali B Entertainment is in the business of manufacturing humour and churning out original content. Performance area has been in Kano city & beyond and we have been performing for private affairs & corporate shows all over Nigeria. We pioneered Urban Standup Comedy in Kano city and we’ve been at it for more than 4 years now and we’re just getting started. One of our highlights apart from standup comedy is Improve Comedy! Improve Comedy consists of acts that are decided on the spot and improvised. We also perform Musical Comedy & Sketch Comedy.

Ali B Entertainment dishes out a perfect concoction of fun. If you’re the generous kind who likes to provide entertainment to their loved ones or their employees, we can take your events to a whole new level of insanity. Ali B entertainment is prepared & passionate to set new avenues and benchmarks for talent in Kano city.